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Find Out Why Pedal Power Bicycles is the Best Bike Shop in Richmond

If you're in the market to purchase a new bicycle, you want to get solid advice from a true professional.  The right product can provide you with huge benefits in fun, fitness, health, and recreation. You want a bike shop that offers great products and the knowledge to help you select the right bike for your needs.

At Pedal Power we have carefully evaluated the products available and have selected only those items which meet our rigorous standards of quality, dependability, and value.

 We have educated our staff on every aspect of helping to match the right bicycle to your specific needs. Giant, Breezer and Fuji Bicycles are leaders in their field. Redline, Fit, Torker, and SE Racing help us to fill out a complete line from entry level to competitive racing equipment, both road and off road.

Our service department is highly skilled and educated on all the latest technologies and we also offer high quality hand built wheels from top of the line brands like Industry Nine, Mavic and DT swiss. Whether you are an enthusiast, a recreational cyclist or an urban commuter, we have what you need.


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2013 Editor's Choice Best Urban Bicycle

 Introducing the Breezer Beltway 8

Designed and engineered by MTB hall of famer Joe Breeze, one of the early pioneers in the mountain bike industry. The Beltway 8 is designed to hold up to the rigors of the most determined commuter, messenger or urban rider. Outfitted with a lightweight alloy frame the Beltway has a comfortable and quick ride quality that handles long rides, and rough roads.

The drivetrain is durable and well designed with an internally geared 8 speed Alfine hub, the Beltway has a range of gears that just seems to keep going. Equipped with a smooth Gates carbon belt drive that never requires maintenence or lubrication, it also lasts longer than your standard chain.

This smart set up rounds off with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, full coverage fenders, a strong rear rack, and B&M Dynamo front and rear lights that never require charging or battery changes.

This staff pick is one of our favorite bikes in the shop. Rain, snow, sleet, mud, slop and grime can't stop this bike designed to handle year round, every day riding. Top this off with our free lifetime adjustments and Breezer lifetime frame warranty, and you've got a bike that will outlast the rest of your fleet.

Remember that time on the side of the trail?  You'd been there before, but you failed to learn.  Now you were smacking yourself on the forehead, yelling "D'oh!" like Homer Simpson - except it wasn't funny.  The very same mechanical gremlin had snagged you again! Here are a few bits of wisdom pertaining to the most common reasons riders find themselves in these situations.
Broken Chain / No Chain Tool - A chain tool is simply baggage for 99% of your riding, BUT indispensible when the time comes.  Be sure to carry one when you are riding farther than you are willing to hike back to civilization.
CO2 Inflator / No CO2 Cartridges - Inflators do such a good job of minimizing the chore of flat repairs that the memory of the event fades before a rider puts fresh CO2 cartridges in their repair kit.  After you use the inflator, put the spent cartridge in your pocket - NOT back in your repair kit.  If all else fails, the metallic clanging in your clothes washer or dryer will be your reminder to replenish the tool kit.
Flat tire / No tool kit or pump - If you have more than one bike, you need to have multiple tool kits.  Inevitably, you will be stranded for some simple reason, while your tool kit and/or pump are mounted on your "other" bike. Set up kit for each bike, making sure that it is equipped with items that fit bike it is for.  This means correct tube size, proper selection of allen wrenches and Torx wrench for disc brake rotors.
Starving or bonked / No Food, No Wallet - That short road ride turned out to be much longer than you had planned.  Now you are going to pass out from hunger...  Stow a $20 bill somewhere on your bike - inside the handlebar end, seatpost or under the brake lever hood.  This can be used to buy your way out of numerous problem situations, including the hunger example given. Just don't put it in your seat bag and leave it on your other bike...