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Electric Bikes at Pedal Power


Electric Bikes at Pedal Power

Did you know that Pedal Power carries a wide range of electric bikes for every level of cyclist and every budget? If you're one of those traditional cyclists who raises his eyebrow at this latest trend in us, we've done it too. But today's e-bbike is an entirely different animal than the electric bikes of the past. Not only are they more powerful and versatile, they're just downright cool looking.

Why Electric Bikes?

Simply put, cycling in general, and electric bikes in particular, are revolutionizing the transit world. Bike commuting is growing exponentially thanks to an increase in bike lanes, an increase in awareness of the personal and environmental benefits, and in part thanks to e-bikes. Electric bikes make formerly daunting commutes suddenly quite possible. Are you one of those who worries about showing up to work sweaty? E-bikes allow you to leave the car behind and get a workout without getting drenched.

Are you sitting there thinking - but isn't an e-bike cheating? Doesn't it make me less of a cyclist? Let us answer with a resounding no. Remember, most e-bikes are pedal-assist which means you're still required to do the work - the small motor simply boosts the work you're already doing. In fact, you may find you're doing just as much work, only now going faster thanks to your electric bike. An e-bike might actually motivate you to cycle more often - wanting to ride your bike to the café but dreading riding against that wind? An e-bike can make the difference between reaching for the bike versus the car keys.

Not a commuter? Even mountain bikes are getting an electric boost these days. Like we said - electric bikes of today are an entirely new, and tougher, animal. It might just be time for you take a closer look.

Two of our favorite electric bikes

We're excited to now have Giant e-bikes in stock and ready to demo. Two of the bikes we're most excited to show off are the Amiti-E+ and the Explore E+. The Explore E+ combines urban riding style with versatile performance that can handle rougher roads. Similarily, the wider tires of the Amiti-E+ add extra comfort and stability on any surface, and make it the perfect bike to get you rolling and exploring new terrain.